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Kayaking with Koda and Wayne...

Posted on Sat 24 Mar 2018 in General

Inspirational visit

We were completely privileged yesterday to spend time with Wayne Dixon and his 'right hand' dog Koda. We had been following them for a while via FB, and we weren't sure if we would be able to meet up with him. Luckily for us he decided not to cross from Fowey to Polruan, but travel inland around the estuary via Lostwithiel.
He left his home in 2016 and has been collecting rubbish around the coast of the entire country, and is now walking around Cornwall. He reckons he has about another 4,000 miles to go! Not only that, but he is carrying over 60lbs in weight with his rucksack while he is litter picking.
Whilst he is doing this he is raising awareness not only of the disgusting state we leave our entire country in, but highlighting the fact that 'Keep Britain Tidy' is now not government funded, but a charity and has been for nearly 10 years, and also fundraising for 'MIND'.
We thought he'd like a change for a morning and come cleaning on the river instead, (and leave his rucksack at base) although we weren't sure how Koda was going to feel about it! He wasn't impressed at the start, but soon settled down to sleep in the front. We had a few hours picking - including a full rubbish bag that had got lodged in the trees. The weather forecast was for heavy rain, so Wayne and Koda came to stay for the night, plus had  a visit to the Fisherman's Arms!
Karen wanted to indefinitely dog sit Koda, but we thought that Jake might miss being 'Centre of the Universe', although they got on very well together...
So if you do see Wayne and Koda - stop and congratulate them, offer them help - they are highlighting how we, as a society, are lazy, messy and completely selfish when it comes to our rubbish. 
Cornwall is a top tourist destination, and we in tourism businesses all rely on visitors for our livelihoods - we shouldn't be relying on others to pick rubbish up for us - but thank goodness for Wayne, and his inspirational behaviour!